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2024 7th International Conference on Computing and Big Data (ICCBD 2024)

Conference Venue 会场

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology



Address: No.516 Jungong Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China


Introduction to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology is a research-oriented university with a focus on engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, and art. In July 2016, the school became a national defense college with the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. In 2018, the school became a pilot unit for the construction of “high-level local colleges and universities” in Shanghai.

The university’s business philosophy originated from Hujiang University, founded in 1906, and the German Medical School, founded in 1907. The school incorporates the beautiful campus of Hujiang University and the thought, vision and pattern of its internationalization of education. It also encompasses the development thinking of Hujiang Business School. The school inherits the century-old engineering education tradition since the German medical school. A large number of patriotic youths and lofty people have nourished a large number of academic elites, engineering experts and social leaders. They have trained more than 100,000 outstanding professionals for the country and society, and enjoy the reputation of China’s “Wuhan Military Academy”. The school inherits and develops the motto of “Xinyi Qinxin, Sizhizhiyuan”, and adopts motto to cultivate socialist core values and cultivate qualified citizens with academic ambitions.